Water Treatment Chemicals

Rhytek Organics’ Water Division offers a wide range of HYtreat Series – Ready to Use Water Treatment Chemical Formulations which can be extensively use across the different industrial applications.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Boiler systems require effective Chemical Treatment, Accurate Monitoring & Control. HYtreat BW Series provides a full line of Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals can be used to correct any performance related boiler problems.

Their use ensures:

  • Increase boiler efficiency
  • Reduce fuel, operating & maintenance Cost
  • Minimize maintenance & down Time
  • Protect equipment from corrosion & extends equipment lifetime

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

HYtreat CW Series Chemicals promise smooth functioning of open-circulating once through and closed loop cooling tower systems.

Persistent dosing provides:

  • Clean heat transfer surface
  • Corrosion control
  • Scale inhibitor
  • Control microbiological fouling
  • Reduce water usage & maintenance costs

RO Water Treatment Chemicals

HYtreat RO Series Chemical maintenance programme:

  • Eliminate scale
  • Maintain lower feed pressures
  • Control microbiological fouling
  • Prevent membrane degradation & hence, reduce the replacement cost
  • Increase Return On Investment